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  • Title:Fabric core conveyor belt
  • Category:Layered fabric conveyor belt
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  Which can be widely used in mining port, chemical metallurgy, electric power, cement and other areas of transport material.




  (1) Cotton canvas conveyor belt: a conventional conveyor belt which is suitable for short distance transportation of materials.

  (2) Nylon Conveyor Belt: good elasticity in belt body, high strength, impact resistance, warping strength, into a good groove, little elongation, suitable for medium and long-distance, high load, and high-speed delivery of materials. The intensity of Nylon 6 canvas core is similar to Nylon 66 core canvas core, but the dimensional stability performance of later is better under the heat-resistant condition.

  (3) EP conveyor belt: high initial modulus, high dimensional stability with a better body, shock resistance, suitable for the medium, long-distance and large capacity, and high-speed delivery of materials.

  (4) Lauren conveyor belt: belt body light, high strength, impact resistance, little elongation, warping strength, heat resistance, stability, good corrosion resistance, suitable for long distance, large capacity, high-speed transport of materials.


6、The recommended minimum drum diameter of the conveyor